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Want to learn how to make your own Turkey hunting calls?

The first in a series of outdoor education booklets, Stu Bristol's Guide to

"Making Your Own Turkey Calls"


Step-by-step, with over 60 pages of illustrated instructions and templates on how to make the most popular turkey hunting calls.
More than three decades of custom turkey call making expertise is revealed in this booklet.


Making Turket Calls Parts

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Chapters include
Custom Long Box Calls, Custom Pot Calls, Wingbone Calls, and much more!

 Stu Bristol is the author of turkey hunting collectibles, Vermont Wild Turkey Hunting (1978) and Hunting Wild Turkeys in New England (1986)

With so many mass-manufactured calls on the market hunters are beginning sound alike and hunters who search out calls that set them apart from the crowd have increased their chances for success. The Bristol New Englander model slate over glass is offered in walnut, red cedar and zebra wood. It's unique design allows hunters to vary the pitch and tone of the call and you'll never have to search for slate cleaners again. Our cleaners are attached to the end of each striker top.

caleb turkey

20 lb Tom taken in Dayton Maine by 11 year old grandson Caleb of  call maker Stu Bristol 2007

Leon Turkey

A few birds harvested with our calls above.

Also, because of the solid slate over glass with air and sound vents on the underside, the specialized sound chamber this combination creates, allows the user to moderate tones in pitch and inflection.  Our calls are "hand made" and "tuned" by notable sportsman writer Stu Bristol.

Stu became a member of the newly-formed National Wild Turkey Federation in 1974 and elevated to a Life member in 1984. Since then, he has written two books on wild turkey restoration and hunting and dozens of newspaper and magazine articles on the topic. "Stu Bristol's Guide to Vermont Wild turkey Hunting" and
"Hunting Wild Turkeys in New England" are currently recognized as classic collectibles and are zealously sought after on e-Bay and other collectors' forums. His clinics and wild turkey hunting schools continue today and hunters come from all over the Northeast to learn the sport.

"My stage is the turkey woods and I play a variety of roles, just like a stage or movie actor." Says veteran Maine game call maker, New England wild turkey hunting pioneer, Stu Bristol. With nearly 40 years in the sport of wild turkey hunting and call making even novice turkey chasers can reproduce the vocalizations so critical to luring a big gobbler to shotgun or bow range, using a Bristol Game Call product.

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School Box Call

Red Cedar Box Call The New Englander Slate Call

VS-1 Deer Hunting scent

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